Veena Malik preparing to arrest Asad Khattak in Dubai?

After sending notice seeking compensation of Rs 50 crore .

The fight between actress Veena Malik and Asad Khattak intensified after which Veena Malik sent a legal notice of Rs 50 crore to Asad Khattak. Veena Malik sent the notice through her lawyer Tanveer Khokhar Advocate. The text of the legal notice is that Asad Khattak is defaming Veena Malik, the children were brought to Pakistan according to law, Asad Khattak is misrepresenting the order of the local court in Dubai. They should share the full order of the local court on social media. The notice further said that Asad Khattak’s reputation was affected by the baseless allegations. Asad Khattak came to the media and social media in 90 days to apologize, not to apologize. Vena will file defamation suit against Asad Khattak.

While Malik Aslam, the father of Veena Malik, says that Asad Khattak did not even have his own house, his wife’s money was in circulation. He did not care of his ex-wife’s honor.

The ongoing battle between actress Veena Malik and her ex-husband Asad Bashir Khattak is intensifying with each passing moment, but Veena Malik is still leading the fight as she has not only all the evidence but also some “surprises”.

The actress had also sent a notice of Rs 50 crore to Asad Khattak three days ago on the campaign against Veena Malik on social media. Veena Malik’s lawyer has obtained important evidence and other necessary documents in the case of extradition of children in the light of which Asad Khattak’s warrant may be issued soon.

Moreover Veena Malik’s advocate Tanveer khokhar has given an important advice to Asad Khattak, if he is ready to take care of children.

Actress Veena Malik’s legal adviser Tanveer Khokar Advocate said, “I have contacted Asad Bashir Khattak and advised him that if he is ready to take care of his children, I will arrange for him to meet the children but he did not give me any response yet.

“My client Veena Malik and I are trying to resolve every possible issue. We have not lost sight of law and ethics in any place,” Tanveer Khokar told NewsupdateTimes. In my personal opinion, they love wealth more than children. If it were not for this, they would never have remained silent for three years. Veena Malik loved her children, so she stayed with them. Is living Tanveer Khokar further said that the legal position of Asad Bashir Khattak is very weak.