Turkey’s Consul General meets Dawlance CEO to discuss matters of mutual interest

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir) The Consul General of the Republic of Turkey Tolga Ucak met with Dawlance CEO Umar Ahsan Khan today. The two discussed matters of mutual interest including new investments being made by Dawlance, the effective COVID-19 response by the company and sustainable initiatives under ‘Dawlance for Humanity’. They also had a friendly, in-depth exchange of views on how the company can promote further innovation in the local home appliances market. Dawlance is making significant investment to increase its production capacity and R&D capabilities. The home appliance manufacturer recently established its Automatic washing machine plant, added another refrigerator plant and a water dispenser production line leading to the first order of export to Europe and CE Certification of water dispensers.

The Consul General also commended the CEO for Dawlance’s initiatives to safeguard the health and safety of its employees during the pandemic. The company carried out extensive COVID-19 PCR screening of its employees, underwent infrastructural changes at its head office, branches, service centres and factories to comply with government SOPs, and has set up vaccination camps to inoculate its employees. Dawlance’s team also briefed the Consul General about the company’s ‘Dawlance for Humanity’ programme. Under this programme, Dawlance has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the World Wildlife Fund to actively begin work towards achieving its annual sustainability objectives.

The first initiative under this MoU was the plantation of 5,000 mangrove saplings along the coastline of Baluchistan’s Sonmiani Beach. “I’m grateful for the time provided by the honourable consul general. This meeting comes at a time when Dawlance is looking to expand its investment in Pakistan creating more job opportunities and innovating the local home appliances market. Consul general’s visit reaffirms Arcelik/Turkey’s commitment to Pakistan, as we continue to work together in creating socioeconomic opportunities to empower communities,” said Umar Ahsan Khan.

As the leading brand in Pakistan’s home appliances market, Dawlance has established three manufacturing units in Pakistan, with over 4000 employees, producing more than 10 million products, till date, including the latest, energy-efficient refrigerators, microwave ovens, washing-machines, air conditioners and water dispensers, etc. Dawlance has the largest sales/service network and promises the longest warranties, while its resourceful and generous Corporate Social-Responsibility initiatives are elevating the quality of life for the masses.