TikTok gets supports from leading stars, demand of lifting the ban strengthens.

Lahore (NUT- Desk)

TikTok is most popular app among the youth that can be effectively used to entertain and educate the masses at large, like rest of the world, but in Pakistan app gets routinely banned either by courts or by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

The app still remains largely popular among the masses, including showbiz celebrities, who have been vocal against the unjustified bans on one pretext or the other. Famous musician Haroon believes that TikTok holds advantage over others because it connects with the masses at large more than any other app.

I noticed the Health Ministry official account was giving out important messages related to coronavirus and SOPs; and the President set up an official account too. Banning Tiktok is a lost opportunity for the Government and organisations to really connect with the masses and focus on sharing content that can impart positive messages on civic behaviour, health and hygiene and possibly other educational opportunities in the future,” opines Haroon.

According to him, TikTok serves as a vital tool for the promotion of music. “Personally, I am a fan of TikTok. It is the most important tool for promoting music. Thousands of fans interact with me, sing along to my karaoke videos. It helps me stay in touch with music lovers, so I’m obviously disappointed that the app keeps getting banned. Considering so much content is available all over the internet, the ban makes no sense. Why not just ban the internet then? However I would encourage everyone to post good, responsible content on TikTok so we can all enjoy the great content on offer,” adds Haroon.

Supermodel and entrepreneur Mehreen Syed believes that TikTok helps provide a platform to talented content creators in Pakistan. “I’m glad there are so many apps Pakistanis can turn to for entertainment or just to have a good time. In difficult times like these, apps like TikTok provide fun content that one can enjoy. There is so much talent in Pakistan and the creators on TikTok are prime example of that.”

“It is a good platform for creators to showcase their talent so when it gets banned, they are deprived of it. So I hope instead of banning apps for indecent content, authorities can work with social media companies to educate users on how they can post content responsibly,” states Maheen.

Even musician-turned-actor, Junaid Khan, thinks that while creating safe content for consumption is the responsibility of the creators, banning a platform is never the ideal solution. “We should always responsibly create content on different social media platforms as that can ensure a safe environment for everyone. At the same time, I feel banning an entire platform can deprive a lot of good creators,” remarks Junaid.

Youtube sensation Irfan Junejo believes that TikTok has given a voice to millions of users in Pakistan. “I don’t see how banning an app helps anyone. Platforms like TikTok have given a voice to millions of users who can create and enjoy content on the app. There will always be all kinds of content on a platform but banning an app entirely should never be the solution,” observes Irfan.