The Student Promise to Launch in Pakistan!

One of the leading career development and job placement portal from the UK will help students and recent graduates from Pakistan to secure their dream jobs.  

Lahore (Muhammad YasirThe Student Promise an online career counseling and job placement portal from the UK has announced the launch in Pakistan. The company has already helped hundreds of recent graduates in getting their desired jobs globally. Powered by the “EPSN workforce group”, a leading recruitment agency, The Student Promise offers a complete solution for not just securing the desired job, but a lifelong career growth and development.

In Pakistan, it`s mostly the parents who choose the career for their children. For some people, having to follow their parents’ wishes worked out for them and they went on to have successful and fulfilling careers. However, there are others who are now stuck in jobs they don`t love simply because they wanted to please other people.

According to recent research, there is a huge shortage of professional career counseling services in Pakistan. Most of the people don’t understand the role of counseling in career planning, few who do, often do not have access to reliable career consultants. Due to this mismatch, most graduates remain unemployed for a long period of time.

At the times, when GDP growth is all times low, and enrollments in the education institutions is growing quickly, there is even more need for career guidance to make these students employable. The only solution to this problem getting help from the career consultants who can identify a person`s unique abilities and provide suggestions on utilizing them in better ways.

The Student Promise`s state-of-the-art career portal is loaded with tools that can help users prepare themselves for the jobs market. Candidates can also talk to the career consultant for personalized advice who will also help them secure the desired job through the EPSN workforce group network.  With the availability of this service, job seekers from Pakistan will also be able to job markets in other countries.

The company has also planned to launch its service in other countries like India, China, Bangladesh Turkey, Spain, and Romania.