The Silence of Visuals Exhibition

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) The Students of Architectural Photography at the Institute for Art and Culture (IAC) displayed their photography work as part of the courses taught at the institute. 

IAC that promotes a unique pedagogical narrative instigates creative and interdisciplinary thought process which was evident in their photography exhibit led by Ms. Kainat Thebo.

A total of 20 students from the School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism (SADU) gave a new perspective to understanding the silence behind the visuals we see every day. The main discourse of this work focused on deconstruction and construction of the traditional methodology of understanding visuals and indulging in a deeper relationship between human thought, language, architecture and visuals.

The exhibit displayed work of 20 students Sherdil, Reha Shkeel, Spogmai Maken, Umer Farooq, Kamar Abbas and Zargham Faisal who revealed that photography or visuals are not just limited to what we see around ourselves but in the discourse, that lies beneath those apparent illusionary visuals.

Moreover, students from school of Arts (SOA) displayed an exhibition of their work focused on different types of Photography. The exhibition was arranged under the leadership of Dr Saadia Pasha.

Mr Yasir Khan, CEO MYK Studios and his assistant Fatima Gul designed and taught this course at IAC to help students understand, explore and apply manifold techniques of photography.

The gallery displays the work of students who showcased their work on themes such as editorial photography, advertising photography, documentary photography, crystal ball photography, forced perspective photography and fine art photography.