The Role of 3D Printing in Development of Pakistani Textile Industry

Before the development of 3D printers, the world didn’t know that it would be able to do this much. It benefitted the textile industry more than any other sector and transformed imagination into reality. It lets you do a lot more than you can even imagine. They came to the Pakistani textile industry years later than they were introduced in the world. A lot of countries have been using it for a lot of years; however, it’s something new in Pakistan. Let’s explore a bit more about the textile industry and see what its benefits are.

The Benefits Of 3D Printers

The 3D printer is a gift of technology that enables you to unleash your imagination and bring it to reality with minimal efforts. The world didn’t know that it will be able to wear clothes that have some real-looking prints on them. Moreover, you wouldn’t have imagined before 3D printers that the curtains on your walls would be this much aesthetic. Thanks to them that you can print real-time images, sceneries, and designs on any fabric you want, as they are supportive of all cloth types. You can work on a lot more other than just clothing with 3D printers. Moreover, they also enable the fashion industry to give the traditional style a modern touch and let them differentiate and stand out among different sectors.

Custom-Made Clothing

With these printers, the fashion industry was able to produce tailor-made clothes. These are according to the customers’ needs and demands; therefore, people love them a great deal. That’s one of the reasons why 3D printing is getting fame at a rapid pace.

Moreover, 3D modeling software allows you to create clothing that is as per your body type. You can give it your measurements and translate what you have in your mind. It will produce what you asked and as per your given calculations to suit your body type. It is yet another innovation of these printers that took the textile industry to the next level.

Other than clothing, they can also print household clothing items such as bedsheets, curtains, cushions, table runners, and others. Future Fashion Tex is one of those industries that are dealing with digital printing and utilizing some of the most technically advanced 3D printers. The high-tech machinery for greige fabric enables it to produce finished printed products. Moreover, the recently added BOLT printing machine by EFI Reggiani (Italy) is yet another valuable addition to the company. Similarly, the MS JPK Evo and Atexco digital printing machine has features for superior quality printing and has a high production capacity.

Furthermore, there are some new types of materials that have reinvented the textile industry. These clothes are fully 3D printed ones that are the most advanced inventions. It is done due to the flexibility of plastic that enables you to create clothes in any shape you want. In short, 3D printers have taken the textile industry, and so digital printing, to the next level..