The Place of Women in Our Society

                       By    IQRA LIAQAT

    Women in society are as important as men. In fact, both men and women make it possible for society to exist and progress.

          The position of women in our society is, on the whole , not very satisfactory. Most of our women living in the villages are uneducated and uncultured like the village men. They do not have many of the rights, which men enjoy in village society. Very few women enjoy independent positions as owners of land or property. They depend on their husbands or other men looking after their families. Women in the villages cannot often marry as they like.

             The women in the cities are in a somewhat better position. Some of them can, of course, get educated and can marry after their choice. But women in poor families like those of labourers or wage earners live like village women. Most of them work hard in their small,dirty houses, serve their husbands and take care of their children and live in quite a helpless condition.

              Married women mostly depend on their husbands in all important matters of life. If they try to have their will in these, their husbands generally oppose them and there are quarrels and disputes. These disputes sometimes end in divorce.

                Let us discuss the problem in the light of human psychology. Women are different from men in their bodily form and constitution. It is her sacred duty to produce children and look after them. Not only this but she has also to build a nation of morally sound people. She has to play the role of a teacher for her children. The Holy Prophet has said

‘’Paradise lies under the feet of a mother’’. This shows that in Islam a woman enjoys great status. Her rights are equal with men, but her duties are different. Napoleaon once said

‘’Give me good mothers and I shall give you a good nation’’. This means that morally good mothers build a nation of brave and strong people.

                      Islam does not prohibit women to do jobs. Women can do any job provided they do it within the framework of Islam. Women can become doctors and nurses in hospitals. They can also become teachers, typists, clerks and receptionists. The women should do a job when they are actually in need of it. They should first of all look after their children and make them good citizens. However, in case of dire necessity, she can take part in the social and cultural activities.

                               Yet it is necessary for our women to take special care of their homes,husbands and children. The first duty of every woman is to look after her family.

                                     We should give the right place to our woman in society. Only then can we make true progress as a nation.