The Perfect Cricket Anthem by Tahir Abbas We could ask for

Cricket is our nation’s pride and joy when it comes to sports and no other format gets everyone into a frenzy than Pakistan Super League. Despite Covid-19 still lurking, 2021 has started on a high note with PSL6 bringing together top notch cricketers from the country and around the world to Pakistan. While the High scoring chases with Sixes and fours have fixated the audience one thing was missing and that was a song which reverberates with the richness of our culture and heritage.
Well have no fear as Tahir Abbas has come to the rescue, with sixes and fours being hit all over Karachi stadium our very own Funk Folk Star has come up once again with a Top Notch Gem of a song ” Khelo Re” for Pakistan Super League which is full of “Pakistaniness.”

Leaving no one behind he not only gives you a foot tapping number but also uses the provincial dialects and languages in his song giving tribute to every province and making them the part of the PSL Anthem.

Tahir Abbas composed this song for PSL6 as he felt that international brands are forcibly imposing English culture and destroying the local culture of Pakistan. He strongly feels that the anthems that are made for any event completely ignore the national and provincial languages, culture and dialects of Pakistan. ‘Brands want to destroy our culture and our language through their wealth and it seems that commercials and anthems are being made just for a particular class;he added.

He raises a valid point that why are we still not owning our own language and culture. Even in our anthems we incorporate English language as if we have no identity. We need to identify with our language when it comes to national events and promote our culture across the globe.

So to show his love for Pakistan and cricket at the request of the audience, he has made this song in the provincial languages of Pakistan, ‘Interpreting our culture, we have created this anthem with our regional composers to send a message to the world that our culture, instruments and voices are not barren and we don’t have to rely on others nor a budget of millions to show love for our homeland.’

Like PSL6 Tahir Abbas has given a message of peace, love and togetherness which is surely what the tournament is all about. So people let’s just Listen to the song and promote the talented individuals who have nothing but love for their homeland in their hearts.