The newly elected RCCI President met Builders and Realtors Delegation led by AAA Associates

Islamabad (Muhammad Yasir) A delegation led by Mr. Sheikh Fawad Bashir Chairman AAA Associates, including the Chairman Federation of Realtor’s Pakistan Musarat Ejaz and the President Federation of Realtor’s Pakistan Sardar Tahir visited RCCI, to meet the newly elected president Nadeem Rauf Khan. The delegation members showed faith in the leadership of Mr Nadeem Rauf and hoped that the RCCI would continue support for the industrial and economic growth.

Chairman AAA Associates Sheikh Fawad Bashir expressed his cordial gratitude and compliments to the newly elected President of RCCI. He thanked the Federation of Realtor’s Pakistan for playing a vital role in supporting builders. Being a member of RCCI, he hoped that the problems faced by Real Estate sector would be ameliorated under the tutelage of Rauf Nadeem.

While addressing the members, Mr Ejaz Musarat Chairman Pakistan Federation of Realtors appreciated the Construction Industry’s growth and contributions. He also emphasized on the role of Federation of Realtors in solving the problems faced by the Real Estate developers. He said, “Despite facing the pandemic and the financial regulations due to FATF, the construction industry had shown Year on Year growth”.

The delegation included Vice Chairman Realtors Federation Najib Abbasi, Malik Habib, Doctor Rizwan, among few other realtors and builders from Bahria Town and DHAs. Talat Awan, Vice Presdient of RCCI was also presented on the occasion along with Executive Member of RCCI Sarder Tanveer Sarwer.

In the end, the newly elected President of RCCI Mr Nadeem Rauf, thanked the delegation for the visit and vowed to dedicatedly discharge his services up to the expectations of RCCI members and the rest of the business and industrial community. He further assured that RCCI would help realtors and builders in all possible ways and would try to ease the lingering challenges faced by the construction industry.