The magical voice behind ‘Andher’ – Faraz Haider

The magical voice behind ‘Andher’ – Faraz Haider – makes a comeback after 8 years with a new single ‘Doob Gaye’

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Pakistani singer, songwriter, and music composer, Faraz Haider, has released his new music video by the name of ‘Doob Gaye’ after a hiatus of 8 years. Out now on multiple music platforms, this enchanting music video with its magical melody, coupled with the thrilling presence of actress and model Sabrina Naqvi, warrants his smashing comeback into the Pakistani music scene.

Doob Gaye is a musical composition by Faraz Haider himself, who has also directed and produced the music video. The screenplay, with exceptional cinematography by Imraam Sheraz, showcases the complexities of thin lines between friendship and love in relationships. The song is a story of one-sided love between two best friends and the bond between a pet dog and his human. It beautifully portrays the deep contrast between both the relationships, one between a man and a woman, and the other between a man and his beloved pet, and weaves a bittersweet lesson of destiny’s hand, priorities, and compromises.

Faraz Haider’s scintillating voice in Doob Gaye produces the sound of a unique fusion of pain and pop, and that’s what sets this latest single apart from the rest in the music industry today. Talking about his newest endeavor, Faraz Haider stated, “A lot has changed in the music industry in Pakistan in the past eight years. But our audiences are the same – music savvy, melody-seeking, and so appreciative of our local sound. The journey towards creating Doob Gaye has been inspiring and nerve-wrecking all at the same time. But now we are back, and I look forward to bringing more and more beautiful melodies for our people.”

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Faraz Haider began his music career in Pakistan at a very young age. He began singing when he was only thirteen years old, and has been writing, composing, and performing his own songs ever since. His first iconic music album ‘Andher’ was released back in 2010 and garnered massive appreciation and love from the audience for its unique sound and lyrics. Faraz Haider is more popularly known in the music industry for his focus on English songs, based on which he released another album by the name of ‘Playroom’ which consists entirely of English lyrics. With Doob Gaye, Faraz Haider has announced a promising comeback to the dynamic musical scene in Pakistan and music zealots can look forward to many more songs from him in the near future.

Doob Gaye is out now for viewing on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. So, wait no further and get yourselves grooving to this latest musical master piece now.

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