The Ali Zafar Foundation distributes Ramzan provisions amongst artistes

Lahore (Nut Desk) The Ali Zafar Foundation (AZF) distributed edible provisions hampers amongst background dancers’ troupes in Lahore in the ongoing holy month of Ramzan. AZF Executive Director Khadija Amjad said the community of artistes who perform in the background forms an important part of our entertainment industry output, and that the activity was meant to serve as a gesture of goodwill and positivity during a holy time of reflection and introspection.

“At AZF, we believe in building a culture of inclusiveness, and this is an endeavor underscoring that commitment,” she said. With support from its generous friends and donors, Amjad said, the Ali Zafar Foundation was able to continue to show care for parts of society sometimes overlooked. “We wanted to share in the spirit of this most holy month, as we have done during the corona lockdown, and take care of deserving individuals who work hard to entertain us all year round,” she concluded.