The 51st THAAP Talk and book launch of Arshad Waheed titled “Other Days” was held at THAAP.

Lahore (Qasim Ali) Distinguished Writer Arshad Waheed enlightened the audience with an exclusive talk on his latest novel “Other Days” at THAAP Secretariat Lahore on Friday 21st Oct evening. Arshad Waheed has done his M.S.C in social policy and planning in developing countries from the London School of Economics, UK. He is serving as a Technical Advisor of Social policy and planning, at the Institute of Social Policy, Islamabad, Pakistan since 2002. He is also a prominent writer, who has a rich literary contribution. Besides writing famous novels, he has also translated the work of leading global writers Gabriel Garcia Marques and Milan Kundera. Ar Mehreen Mustafa, Secretary to THAAP welcomed the audience and introduced the mission and vision of THAAP Group. Naveed Alam was called upon to moderate the talk. Panelists for the talk Iqbal Haider, Nabila Kiani, and Raza Naeem talked in detail about their critical observations on the Novel, its plot, context, and the author’s technique of writing. Arshad Waheed was invited by the moderated to enlighten the audience about his journey as a writer and the journey of the Novel itself.

Arshad Waheed narrated selected parts of the Novel and presented the extracts from the story, introduction of the characters, and brief insight into the theme of the novel. Arshad Waheed’s latest novel “Other Days” explores the eventful life of Pakistani immigrants residing in the UK and facing the identity crisis in a fast-changing world. When the story proceeds, it unfolds the woeful events which characters have to suffer in past during college days, the socio-political atmosphere of the society, and the politically charged era, said the writer Arshad Waheed during his talk with the audience. He revealed that he did not try to impose any ideology on characters all took their path and represent their specific approach towards life. This is not only the story of the past but it connects with the present day society as well with interesting encounters. The session was then followed by a question and answer session. The talk concluded by CEO THAAP, Prof Sajida Haider Vandal. Professor Sajida Vandal thanked the writer Arshad Waheed for selecting THAAP as a platform to deliver an exciting talk on an interesting Novel. She also acknowledged the efforts of Naveed Alam, who was the moderator of the panel discussion. She announced that the THAAP 11th International Conference Is scheduled to take place on 19th Nov 2022 followed by the Book Launch event of Prof Dr. Tariq Rehman on 25 Nov 2022. The talk was followed by closing tea.