Telenor Business Launches Smart Office Solution for Corporate Customers to capitalize on opportunities

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Being a frontrunner in providing state of the art solutions, Telenor Business has launched Smart Office Solution for its corporate customers. This solution aims to help the businesses make the most of an opportunity that comes with each call by effectively catering to customer requirements and providing an interface for effective performance management.

With businesses communicating increasingly over calls, especially with their customers, Telenor Smart Office aims to develop a positive relationship between them, one that is nurtured by ease of access, systematic synchronization and analytics for quality control. This solution is for enterprises across industries from public sector to privately owned pharmaceuticals, restaurants and many more. Using this service, Telenor Pakistan’s Business customers can use the same mobile line for their business and personal use. Telenor Smart Office also gives access to a user-friendly web portal that provides real-time monitoring for quality control and to extract valuable business insights which can also be accessed through mobile phone.

“Every call brings a new opportunity and with Telenor Smart Office, we aim to help businesses grab every opportunity by having their calls answered and routed by a virtual receptionist”, said Ghulam Husnain Nasir, National Director B2B Sales and Service at Telenor Pakistan. “We understand and know how to keep the customers at the core of business operations and aim to provide solutions to our corporate customers that enables them to grow while capitalizing on all opportunities. Being at the hub of technological transformation, we are committed to continue offering the best of our services and ensure increased ease for businesses and customers. ”

Telenor Pakistan has taken leaps towards establishing the foundation to support future needs of businesses and provide effective solutions that support them to operate, collaborate and connect more effectively with their customers and stakeholders. Through these innovative business solutions, Telenor Business aims to provide its customers with a peace of mind, while helping them grow their businesses.

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