Teacher’s Literature Festival encourages the learning Pakistan needs

Teacher’s Literature Festival encourages the learning Pakistan needs

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) The 6th Teacher’s Literature Festival (TLF) was held at the Children’s Library Complex by Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA). TLF, a tribute to International Education day 2020. With the attendance of over 2000 teachers, the festival was filled with excitement and eagerness to learn different ways of teaching and delivering material effectively during classes. TLF started in 2014 with the Board of Directors of CLF wanting to engage teachers in the process of loving literature as well. 70% of the teachers attending TLF were from primary classes of government schools travelling from all over Lahore.CLF Advisor of the Children’s Literature Festival (CLF), Rumana Husain expressed her enthusiasm saying “We hope that teachers will take what they learn today and implement it to create a more inclusive and creative learning environment for our children.”

“This is such a fruitful platform to train the teachers and encourage them to pass on the information, not only to students but other teachers and school management as well,” said the teachers attending from Government Islamia Higher Secondary School. Sessions from the day included; theater and learning by Atif Badar, how to make book launches more impactful by OUP, a source of learning for students by Khaled Anam, Sarwat Mohiuddin and Raheela Baqai, connecting nature to reading for ECE teachers, the art of bookmaking, how to do a CLF in your school by CLF/ITA team, sign language workshop, critical thinking: 3Cs by TCF, understanding language for literature by Fiona Robertson, Suno Kahani Kaho Kahani by Rumana Husain and OloTatolo, digital learning by Edkasa, Cinema Ghar;what films can do for our children’s learning, and Science Tunnel by Khawarizimi Science.

Other resource persons from the day included; Dr Arfa Syeda Zehra, Sadia Sarmad, Akbar Zia, Batool Nasir, Bina Jawwad, Tooba Malik and Ayesha Kitchlew.

CLF Advisor and CEO ITA Dr Baela Raza Jamil said, “TLF is a critical part of the social movement on reframing education and learning as well as creating content for meaningful education in Pakistan.”

With the ending of such lively two days of the Children’s Literature Festival, the Teacher’s Literature Festival ensured an even more inspiring closing to the festivities of learning. With that, the CLF team leaves Lahore in hope of a change in thinking and systems of education with an emphasis on literature.