‘Tarang’ Tea-Whitener is safe for consumption with all regulatory approvals

Lahore – In recent Court-proceedings relating to; Tea Whiteners’ safety and formulation, the court has declared that Tarang – Liquid Tea Whitener is a completely safe product for consumption. It enhances the flavor of tea, while reducing the cost per cup, as it provides economies-of-scale,by making twice as many cups of tea for the consumers.

Engro Foods’‘ Tarang’ Tea-Whitener is produced in compliance with the directives of ‘Pakistan Standard Quality Control Authority’ (PSQCA), while it also meets allstandards of the ‘Food-Safety Regulations’. Tarang is formulated strictly in accordance with the current CODEX ALIMENTARIUS International Standards, issued by the World Health Organization (WHO).  

Keeping up with its tradition of delivering the highest quality standards, Engro Foods Limited (EFL) remains committed and plays a leading role for the health and safety of its consumers and the public at large. The company recognizes that customers are increasingly concerned about the safety and quality of products they consume. Hence, EFL is extra cautious in ensuring that all its products are sourced and processed through the best production-practices – ‘from grass to glass’.

With Engro Foods’ long experience and expertise in the Dairy sector, the nutritional and health-safety benefits of our consumers remain the driving force behind the company’s vision.Tarang has been created to add joy to the consumers’ lives, by giving them a refreshing experience, by enhancing the taste of every cup of tea it makes, while giving a more economical alternative for milk.

EFL engaged the regulators and legislators to clarify the false rumors circulating against the safety of consuming Tea-whiteners. After getting all the important regulatory approvals, the company is now creating more awareness, so that the public can trust the safety and better affordability of Tarang. Engaging the media, the consumers are being informed about the better safety and  lifestyles choices available to them. EFL’s collaboration with the global leader in food and dairy industry – Royal Friesland Campina, has enriched the Engro brand with 140 years of knowledge, expertise and credibility to comply with all international standards of production.

Speaking in this regard, Mr. Naveed Saeed, Chief Corporate & Regulatory Affairs Director of Engro Foods stated, “Engro Foods has always been an advocate for safe and healthy products. We ensure that our consumers receive the best product in the market. As a socially responsible organization, we are proud of being a part of a community that stands up for their rights of safe products.