Strong are those that stand by the weak. | Khaqan Sikander CEO Naya Jeevan & doctHERs

Every crisis is an opportunity. As Pakistan and the rest of the global community gears up its response to the Corona pandemic, we must look at ourselves and ask what we can contribute as businesses and individuals. We must also look closer at the role technology can play in our response at this crucial time.

In a country with a dearth of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals staring at a potential lockdown, the state, and the private sector must look into options for remote technology based solutions available with telemedicine platforms across the country.

doctHERs is a pioneer in this domain and it has been advocating for the usage of telemedicine since its early introduction in Pakistan having successfully tested its implementation at scale over the last few years with over 1 million test cases just last year.

We are a company that primarily believes in standing for those who can’t for themselves. Therefore, we would like to especially highlight the plight of the blue-collar worker and marginalized members of our community at large during this pandemic. 

At our sister concern, Naya Jeevan, an insurance brokerage firm, the majority of our portfolio consists of people who were never insured before. This is in line with our strategic mission to enlarge the total pool of insured lives which still lags at a meager 1% of the 220 million strong population. Our policyholders who are spread across the country include third party staff, distribution & sales reps, waiters, facilities management personnel, fuel station attendants, etc. We are happy to share that we are now providing cover for Corona related illnesses to all our policy holders in partnership with our underwriting partners.

If you are a business or an individual and would like to avail consultancy services (hygiene cards, compliance advisory on health & safety), tech-based awareness, health screenings, telemedicine services, employee outreach or a dedicated health helpline, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at