Embracing Spirituality this Ramadan with Soul Touching Anthems

Embracing Spirituality this Ramadan with Soul Touching Anthems

Ramadan is a month of countless blessings, which is celebrated across the Muslim world in complete harmony. During Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk and engage in devoted supplication to purge their souls and reconnect with their Creator. The highest calling of the holy month for the followers is to reflect and strive to unravel the real purpose of their existence.

Like on every other religious occasion, Hamd-o-Naat, Quranic recitation, spiritual commentary and soulful hymns are central to Ramadan and in an apparent continuance of Muslim Sufi tradition, the soul touching sounds echo louder across Muslim countries during Ramadan. Penned and sung by glorious Sufi saints, Muslim personages of revered orders and devout practitioners, these poems inspire Muslims and non-Muslims alike to strive to find inner peace and enlightenment and the meaning of life and the true path to eternal salvation.    

Now, imagine having access to playlists which offer everything relevant to Ramadan’s true essence, all at once place and just a click away.

Spotify’s Ramadan Destination

This Ramadan, the world’s most popular audio streaming platform, Spotify is here to enhance our listening experience through its special Ramadan Destination. Featuring extensive playlists of heart touching anthems, Sufi music, Hamd and Naats along with a variety of other distinct offerings, Spotify’s Ramadan Destination is a one-stop solution for immersive listening experience during this auspicious month.

Spotify’s Ramadan Destination features a wide variety of musical content including a continuation of the EQUAL Pakistan initiative. With the program’s second ambassador being introduced this month, it has become a journey that is not just soulful but inspirational as well. Mehak Ali, the Bollywood famed Pakistani artist and EQUAL Pakistan’s Ambassador of the Month, launched her exclusive spiritual kalaam, “Saleh Ala Nabi Yena“, to celebrate Ramadan with Spotify and also to enrich the true essence of this month.

Coupled with the blessings of Ramadan, these offerings provide a wholesome acoustic experience on Pakistan’s most loved platform as per the preference of a majority of Pakistani listeners.

What are we listening to in Ramadan?

In sync with Ramadan, many of our preferences, especially in terms of music, change elaborately. This month is holy and it is a chance for us to grow closer to nature. Anthems like Naats, Hamd and recitations help us do just that. This begs the question then. What on Spotify are we listening to this Ramadan? Well, here are the most played tunes on our playlist:

  1.   Ya Nabi Salam Alayka

A beautiful offering from Meher Zain, this track has been a household anthem for generations. From our parents to theirs, it has somewhat been passed down in numerous iterations. With a fresher take on it, Meher has given us something to revere and enjoy this Ramadan.

  1.   Amantu Billahi

Coming from Ayisha Abdul Basith, this track takes you on a spiritual journey. The love and depth that it portrays for listeners is unprecedented and distinct. It is one that has quickly gone to the top of our playlist this Ramadan.

  1.   Kullo Al Qoloub

Although there are many tracks that require special mention and the ones that play on repeat with our playlists, this tune from Ali Obaid is profound to another level. If you haven’t heard it yet, this is a must! Here’s the link to it from Spotify.

EQUAL Pakistan

Ramadan luckily coincides with EQUAL Pakistan, a premier initiative taken by Spotify to highlight a segment of artists that routinely go under the radar, women. Launched in conjunction with International Women’s Day 2022, the program provides not just an amazing platform for inspiring women singers but also highlights the diverse range of talents that Pakistan possesses in this regard.

The addition to Spotify is unique and innovative in many ways giving credence to the commitment that the platform has towards its local audiences. It is a way forward with the path being forged by a brand that holds massive recall and audience bases amongst avid music lovers.