South City Hospital Welcomes On Board International Spine Specialist, Dr.Younus Hanif Lodhi

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir) Leading private medical institution South City Hospital welcomes onboard international Spine Specialist, Dr. Younus Hanif Lodhi, as its Consultant of Spine & Trauma and Orthopedic Surgeon. Dr. Lodhi will be introducing spine-related services as a subspeciality in the hospital for the first time. With a primary focus on spinal conditions, the international doctor is said to treat patients with conditions in the spine that start from the base of the skull to the tailbone including deformities such as scoliosis and kyphosis or any other spine-related pathology. South City Hospital has continued to successfully combat covid-19 while also providing quality medical care for other illnesses.

Dr. Younus Lodhi recently returned to Pakistan from the UK with the aim of developing the Spine as a subspecialty for the first time in the country. Although the Spine still currently functions under the umbrella of trauma and orthopedics, Dr. Lodhi intends to further develop and focus specifically on conditions of the spine, starting with back pain, radicular pain as well as any other pathology related to the spine. As South City Hospital’s Orthopaedic Surgeon, the Spine Specialist will be starting a new program that screens children of school-going age for early detection of spine conditions such as scoliosis to prevent further complications in the future.

Dr. Younus Lodhi received his education primarily from the UK where his qualifications included MBBS(DUH), FRCS(Ed), FRCS(Orth), and an MCh(Liverpool). The Orthopedic Surgeon received his Spine Fellowship in Paediatrics, Trauma, Tumour, and Deformity as well as a Fellowship in Knee from the UK. Dr. Lodhi also has an AO Fellowship in Trauma from Austria as well as an EFORT Travelling Fellowship Orthopedic from Germany.

South City Hospital is currently working with multiple divisions and continues to put its best efforts into providing quality services to patients with their plethora of treatment options. SCH’s geographically demarcated and fully equipped COVID-19 unit is managed by a consortium of Karachi’s best healthcare workers. Following strict SOPs, regularly testing of all personnel and a 100% vaccinated staff have helped in ensuring that the hospital remains a Safe Zone for all those visiting. Intending to create the highest quality service for all, South City Hospital is also currently working on developing other programs for the benefit of its patients. More on that will be disclosed at a later date.