Sohail Ismael’s new play “Maahi” will go on air from 19th March

Versatile actor, model and social figure a towering personality indeed.

Muhammad Yasir (NUT)

Mian Sohail Ismael is a charismatic versatile personality, Audience have seen his talent in numerous popular plays, prominent TV commercials and hit video songs as well. Besides the acting he is well known modeling face and also famous in organizing the tribute programs and ceremonies to honor the meritorious services of legend Pakistani Artists and personalities under his organization Pakistan Award Academy. He has set a bench mark and never compromised on the merit. Leading figures and stars including Abdul Sattar Edhi, Melody Queen Madam Noor Jahan, Ghazal emperor Mehndi Hasan and King of Qawwali Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan proud recipients of awards/ medals of Pakistan Award Academy.

Mian Sohail Ismael’s latest play “Maahi” is hitting the screen on 19th March. The play will go on air on LTN Family which is a household name for quality family productions. Newsudatetimes (NUT) have exclusively talked with Mian Sohail for his recent projects. Excerpts from the talk are as below.

NUT: “ Maahi” sounds very catchy title. Tell us a little more about this play?

Mian Sohail. As you can trace my career graph, be it a commercial campaign or Television play, I have never compromised on quality of the production or project for which I am rendering my service. Same is the scene with “Maahi”. It’s a beautiful family story in which audience will find exciting plot with some brilliant performances. All the team has put on lot of hard work and effort to make it a memorable play and I hope “Maahi” will prove real entertainer during upcoming summer season for audiences.

NUT: Your personality is very diverse, be an actor, Modeling or social figure, in every field you appear to be a towering personality. How do you manage everything?

Mian Sohail. I must say, it’s just the Blessings of Allah Pak. I am incomplete without HIS special mercy. I have always tried to maintain the standard of my work and even surpassing it towards next level of improvement. I never hesitate from experimenting, that’s why I have not restricted myself for just plays or videos. I love to appear in TV commercials because they make a artist household name. You have seen my regular appearances in commercials linke Bundu khan sweets, Bank AL Habib TVC, Daraz Online sale and housing project commercial. I love to work with young passionate team because they tried to present new ideas convincingly and authentically.

NUT: What kind of offers are getting mostly these days?

Mian Sohail. I have featured in around 100 commercials and different projects in my professional career. You can estimate my business by it, I get all kind of offers like acting assignments, commercial of famous brands and now web series also. I will surprise you with new roles in exciting web series also. I have never compromised on quality of work and sustain this policy in future also.

NUT: Tell us a little more about Pakistan Award Academy?

Mian Sohail. Pakistan Award Academy is my passion. I love to encourage and honor the respected figures of society which are role model for others. On occasions of National and international repute we arrange tribute programs for living legends. Most recently we have arranged birthday program of Showman of Pakistan film Industry and living legend Syed Noor. We have facilitated all major actors, actress and other important personalities of our society and we will continue this work with more passion in future. We are doing all the programs without support of Govt. or any department because we think it is our responsibility to honor the Good Work.