Sidra Iqbal’s Special Transmission ‘Baraan-e-Rehmat’ Ready to be Aired this Ramzan

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) The multi-talented anchor, activist and public speaker, Sidra Iqbal is all set for her special Ramadan transmission by the name of ‘Baraan-e-Rehmat’.

The show is expected to be aired on Aaj News everyday all through Ramadan, between 1 to 4 pm.

Talking about the show, Iqbal commented, “I am looking forward to hosting Baraan –e-Rehmat, Ramzan 2019 special show on Aaj News. My team and I have put in a lot of thought, love and dedication in designing this daily. It will cover socio-religious subjects and allow viewers to learn and reflect in this holy month. I believe it’s a month for inward reflection and spiritual growth, and that has exact been the central thought of this show and its thoughtful segments.

Sidra Iqbal has been a youth icon for many years now. She became the first Pakistani who was invited to take part in the International Leadership Program in 2016, by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of UK. She has been in the media industry since 2005 and is famed as a communication and media strategist, and a life coach for the youth. The only Pakistani to have received the GR8 Women Award for Journalism, Sidra Iqbal has successfully given a new face to our morning shows. With her graceful presence, Sidra Iqbal’s appearance this Ramzan on ‘Baraan-e-Rehmat’ can be looked forward to by her viewers.