‘Shell Tameer Awards 2021’- Empowering Youth To Establish Sustainable Enterprises

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) To promote and recognize Pakistan’s bright, young entrepreneurs, ‘Shell Tameer Awards 2021’ has been launched, opening the application process from now until August 8 th . This initiative is part of Shell LiveWIRE – a global flagship programme, locally named Shell Tameer, for enterprise development, envisioned to strengthen local economies, by promoting entrepreneurship and innovation. Start-ups and innovators in their prototype stage are eligible to participate under six categories. ‘Clean Energy Solutions’ (CES) category includes disruptive technologies for access to energy, off-grid solutions, energy-efficiency etc. ‘Empowering Women’ (EW) category invites innovative tech solutions that enable gender equality and new livelihood opportunities. ‘Technology Innovation’ (TI) category fosters e-commerce, FinTech & smart solutions for Health, Education & Business. Other categories include; ‘Circular Economy’ (CE), ‘Transportation & Mobility’ (T&M) and ‘Bright Ideas Award’ (BIA).

The functional benefits provided by Shell-Tameer include access to financing and capital, mentoring, investor pitches, Shell global support platforms, media exposure, and high-value networking. Since its launch in 2003, Shell Tameer has successfully worked with more than 1000 startups and expansions, training 13,000 people through workshops, while engaging 800,000 youngsters. Till date, 26 entrepreneurs have already received Shell Global Awards, grants and trade opportunities, while nine participants have won the global ‘Shell LiveWire’ – Top Ten Innovators Awards, since 2015.

The Chief Executive Officer of Shell Pakistan Limited, Haroon Rashid stated, “We are eager to support diligent and talented youth of our society, in realizing their progressive dreams for a prosperous future. Shell Tameer is geared to help them transform brilliant ideas into sustainable enterprises. Shell Tameer is proud of the great performance of its alumni, as we continue to fuel the entrepreneurial spirit, showcase their achievements and explore the nation’s potential.”

Promoting an entrepreneurial culture, Shell Tameer is nurturing creative ideas through universities and incubation-centers. Shell is making diverse social investments, based on insights, in a digital era which has already enabled many young minds to structure global businesses worth billions of dollars. For more details, please visit the website: Shell Tameer Awards 2021 | Shell.