Shan Foods shares a necessary reminder this Ramadan through its new digital campaign

Lahore (Nut Desk)

Shan Foods, a leading name in the food industry, under its CSR identity, Shan Shares, is back with another thought-provoking and innovative message for the month of Ramadan that creatively channels the spirit of sharing and giving back to the society.

The newly-released DVC shows a chef cooking up a special dish for Ramadan but presents an empty plate of food in the end. The chef’s actions are clarified through the end note which encourages people to reduce food waste and share their meals with others.

Muslims all over the world donate generously during the month of Ramadan, be it monetary or any other type of donation. Food is one of the major things that is highly focused upon during Ramadan and consequently a lot of it also goes to waste. Through their latest communication campaign, Shan Shares rightly reminds us that we should avoid wasting food and share it with our fellow human beings.

Sharing her thoughts on the digital campaign, Maria Rashdi, Head of Corporate Communications and PR Shan Foods, said, “Food wastage and hunger are global problems. As the world is battling to end hunger, we also want to play our part in the process by creating awareness regarding the problem and taking necessary steps to overcome it. This creative communication is part of Shan Shares’ initiatives towards renewing our commitment to eradicate hunger and food wastage from the society.”

In its commitment to sustainability, Shan Shares’ efforts are majorly guided by the UN Sustainable Developmental Goals, particularly the goals of ‘Zero Hunger’ and ‘Responsible Consumption and Production’. The company has been very active about implementing and promoting best food practices which includes sustainable agricultural practices, responsible processing, manufacturing and distribution, while also working to create awareness among public regarding the same.