Shan Foods partners with Sui Southern Gas Company (LPG)

Shan Foods & SSGC (LPG) join hands for a cleaner, greener Pakistan

Islamabad (Muhammad Yasir) One of the leaders in the spice industry, Shan Foods has joined hands with Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC (LPG)) to work towards a cleaner, greener Pakistan.

With the help of SSGC (LPG), Shan Foods has successfully shifted its Lahore plant to a cleaner fuel. Through this partnership Shan Foods has switched its plant from High Speed Diesel (HSD) to Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). This switch will allow the company to reduce CO2 emissions from 2,640 to 1,665 grams per liter of LPG.

Speaking about the partnership, Haider Raza, General Manager Manufacturing & Engineering, Shan Foods said, “We, at Shan Foods, are constantly striving to improve our manufacturing processes. We not only aim to deliver quality products to our consumers; we also endeavour to produce them in the most environmentally friendly way possible. With the support of SSGC (LPG) this dream has now become a reality at our Lahore plant.”

Sikandar Tiwana, CEO, Shan Foods added, “I would like to extend my gratitude to SSGC (LPG) for all their support in helping us achieve this milestone. As a company which is committed to making Pakistan cleaner and greener, our team in Lahore has accomplished a great feat by switching our Lahore plant successfully to LPG.”

Shan Foods move to a cleaner fuel further solidifies the company’s commitment to a Green Environment which is also in line with the Prime Minister’s vision of a Green Pakistan.