Serious measures to be taken against Air Pollution; Ejaz Tanveer

Pakistan air pollution
Pakistan air pollution

President Pakistan Business Forum Lahore Mr. Ejaz Tanveer has shown his grave concern as the Air Quality Indicators declare the Lahore city as world’s most polluted city.
According to the air quality index in Lahore stands at 373 that falls in the hazardous category. Worst air quality in Lahore is causing serious health problems by making people terribly sick as respiratory diseases, throat and eyes infections are on the rise and the situation has gotten worse over the past decade; says Ejaz Tanveer.
Government should evaluate the issue on scientific basis and take deep rooted serious measures to cope with this challenge.
Mr. Ejaz Tanveer demands that the government should deal with the root causes of smog like crop burning, public transport smoke, factory emissions and other such factors.
He says government should facilitate vehicle manufacturers to shift on electric technology following the Euro 5 tandard for all vehicles being produced in the country, focus on planting trees and facilitate office to use buses for staff pick n drop.