Sehat Kahani along with the collaboration of Jubilee Life Insurance

Sehat Kahani along with the collaboration of Jubilee Life Insurance hosted a Breast Cancer Awareness Event at the Presidency under the title “I CAN-CER VIVE” on 1st December 2022.

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir) The session was chaired by the Honorable First Lady of Pakistan, Begum Samina Arif Alvi. The objective of this event along with spreading awareness was to share the battles of breast cancer survivors to motivate more people to come forward to talk about this deadly disease. The survivors were also given a momento by the First Lady to honor their brave journey.

Sehat Kahani, this year, pledged to provide at least 3 free of cost online consultations via its application to any female in Pakistan who needs to access a doctor for her symptoms. Sehat Kahani also joined hands with Jubilee life to add unlimited online consultations to its Cancer Protection Program for breast cancer patients.

Additionally, to complete the circle of care, Sehat Kahani is also creating a National Breast Cancer Patient Support Program which will offer peer-to-peer support, counseling, and mental health help to cancer patients. These support programs will commence in January 2023.

On this occasion, the CEO and Co-founder of Sehat Kahani, Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram highlighted the role of Sehat Kahani against breast cancer by saying:

“Being a female-led and female-owned organization, Sehat Kahani aims to provide the circle of care for women facing breast cancer. The survivors we are honoring today are the beacons of resilience from whom we can all take motivation. Our National Breast Cancer Patient Support Program will strengthen our resolve in completing the circle of care for our fellow warriors.”

Moreover, Jubilee Life Insurance offers a ‘Cancer Protection Plan’, a comprehensive plan which helps in covering the medical expenses of cancer treatment at an affordable cost so that the patients can ensure sound and complete treatment. The holders of Jubliee’s Cancer Protection Plan are also entitled to free online oncology consultation 24/7.

On the occasion, Jubilee Life Insurance’s Group Head of Retail Operations, Administration, and Marketing; Mr. Farhan Akhtar Afridi added, “Cancer is a critical illness that one wishes to never have. It not only causes emotional trauma and strains the entire family but creates a potential for financial crisis as well.”

Discussion around the topic of breast cancer is important as it ensures early diagnosis and treatment of cancer which increases the chances of successful treatment. To demonstrate the importance of breast cancer awareness, the First Lady of Pakistan, Begum Samina Arif Alvi said,

“I am grateful that for the past four years, there has been a significant discussion in Pakistan on the topic of breast cancer. However, the current prevalence of the disease which is about 1 in every 8 women in Pakistan necessitates more dialogue. It has been mentioned again and again that early diagnosis can ensure better success rates of the treatment. I appreciate Sehat Kahani for launching a cancer protection program in collaboration with Jubilee Life insurance company to ease the financial burden of cancer patients. I also applaud the idea of Breast Cancer Patient Support Programs and will continue to support such initiatives”

The event honored breast cancer survivors highlighting their struggles. Ms. Amna Salman Butt, a breast cancer survivor, and a motivational speaker added to the discussion:

“We think we have won the battle, but to be honest, it is an everyday struggle. It is extremely important to talk about the mental health burden that patients face and to have a support network for continuous encouragement and motivation for patients going through this tough battle. I am impressed and thankful for the work Sehat Kahani is doing to create awareness about breast cancer.”