Saylani Welfare Creates First Ever “Saylani Electricity Bill Support Fund” For Electricity Bill Payments

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir) Saylani Welfare International Trust has created the first-ever fund called the “Saylani Electricity Bill Support Fund” to assist citizens facing difficulties in paying their electricity bills. Rising costs of fuel and removal of subsidies in the last year has raised the cost of electricity across Pakistan adding to the struggles of ordinary citizens. The situation has reached a point where citizens are now approaching saylani’s 630 locations across Pakistan seeking donations to clear their utility bills.

For the past 2 decades, Saylani welfare International Trust has been supporting people across 63 spheres of life including utility and grocery expenses.

In response, Saylani has pioneered a “Pan-Pakistan Fund” to help people pay their bills. Donations will be provided to eligible customers with usage of up to 200. The fund will be launched in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad with plans to extend to other cities as well.

Saylani welfare appealed to citizens and philanthropists to join the cause and donate generously to support their fellow citizens in these tough conditions.

 The organization also requested distribution companies like IESCO, LESCO AND KE to contribute to the fund.

Chairman Saylani Welfare stated, “Saylani is a recognized name whit has been working with dedication to provided holistic support to people in need.  We benefit over 300,000 people on a daily basis, and we created this fund because we understand that electricity bill are becoming a pressing concern for people this time.
 We request for donations to take this a sustainable and successful endeavor.