Rouge London Committed for Society’s Well Being and Achieving UN SDG’s

People are at the foundation of every business and we are concerned about the society we do business with.

Too often, typical Business compliance programs fall short of ensuring that worksite-basedSocieties and its improvements have meaningful impacts on worker’s livelihoods beyond the workplace.

 However, Rouge London is a company dedicated to bringing a positive change by focusing on empowering the Societies and uplifting the socio economic conditions of the vulnerable and underprivileged communities of Pakistan . 

Company’s CEO Rizwan Anwar Said:

”The Rouge London takes a unique approach to addressing the needs and issues of the marginal communities Instead of forcing new initiatives on employees, Rouge London has partnered with Youth Revolution Clan to accelerate the advocacy campaigns for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals during the Covid 19 pandemic.  Rouge London has a strong CSR Vision and starts its Social Projects by focusing on Zero Hunger, No Poverty, Quality Education and Better workplace environments”. 

Under its First Campaign 1000 Food Ration Bags will be distributed, 3000 New School admissions will be facilitated and consistent advocacy campaigns will be launched to accelerate the efforts to achieve the SDG’s.  Whereas in the second phase Rouge London will partner with various Local NGO’s and non-profit organizations to implement programs that deliver to achieve the United Nations Development Agenda.

Rouge London is a Registered Company in the United Kingdom with the Companies House of the UK Government.