RMI celebrates its 100th kidney transplant surgeries in KP

PESHAWAR (NUT DESK) Fully endorsing the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government’s initiative of ensuring better health services to general people through Sehat Card, the private sector is practically contributing to the government’s efforts of complete health cover to population across the province. As part of this mission, a private sector health entity Rehman Medical Institute (RMI) has operated 100 kidney transplant surgeries including over 50 free of cost cases under the provincial government’s Sehat Card, in Peshawar.

The institute has established the Kidney Transplant Unit to provide state-of-the-art inpatient and outpatient healthcare to ensure complete cure. The RMI arranged a ceremony in Peshawar to celebrate its 100 successful kidney transplant surgeries and appreciate the KP government’s Sehat Card launched early this year to facilitate poor & marginalized population. The ceremony was attended by senior surgeons, healthcare professionals, patients and staff of RMI. While sharing the success of patients’ healthcare, Dr. Taqi F. Toufeeq Khan, Professor and Consultant Transplant Surgeon RMI, told the audience that the KP government’s Sehat Card has provided opportunity to get free-of-cost healthcare services and RMI has endorsed the government’s commitment and expanded its operations and treated patients.

The patients have not only treated but also ensured their one-month post-surgery examination for their healthy diet and timely medication, he said. He also said that RMI has managed 95 percent success in healthcare of patients through inpatient and post-health services. “We not only provide transplant but regularly monitor patient’s health to maintain our success percentage,” he maintained. Dr. Taqi also informed that they are expanding their Kidney Transplant Unit to provide global healthcare services to the patients through experienced and foreign qualified doctors and para-medical staff. In his remarks, Head of Nephrology RMI, Dr. Nisar Anwar, said that under the Sehat Card program, RMI has treated more than 50 patients in last six months while another 150 patients are in pipeline to get treatment.

He also said that, to ensure good healthcare facilities to patients, RMI seeks government support in accreditation of training institute to encourage youth in healthcare sector. “We have announced fellow-scholarship for young doctors,” he disclosed. He urged the provincial government to ensure supply of medicines for the kidney transplant patients and donors once surgery is done /after the surgery for their quick and complete recovery.

Shafiqur Rehman, Chief Executive Officer RMI, appreciated the efforts of surgeons and staff for completing the 100th kidney Transplant in a very limited time.