Reon Announces the Completion of the 3.73 MW Solar Project with G&T Group

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Reon Energy Limited today announced the completion of its’ 3.73 MW captive Solar Power Project for G&T Group in Karachi, and Baluchistan. The Solar Photovoltaic Plant is the largest bi-facial PV rooftops in the country.

The 3.73 MW Photovoltaic Project is expected to produce approximately 6,152 MWh (Megawatt hours) annually. The project is dispersed across 4-locations including Gatron at Hub, Mustaqim Dyeing and Printing at SITE and Nooriabad and Novatex at Landhi.

The output energy will be used on-site, reducing gas consumption, and avoiding around 3780 Tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions during the plant life. Bi-facial solar modules applied at G&T, that can absorb sunlight from both faces- front and back, have significantly improved energy production by up to 10%.

The project ensured strict compliance with COVID-19 protocols during execution. A total of 80 jobs were created for the locals during execution.