THAAP held a enlightening talk, in collaboration with Bazm-e-Alam, on RE-IMAGINING CURRICULUM IN PAKISTAN at Thaap secreteriat Gulberg Lahore. Speaking on the occasion Professor Dr Waseem Anwar, a person of vast teaching experience who spent long years at the FC College and FC University and is currently at the Kinnaird College for Women, emphasized the need for a fresh and unbiased look at Curriculum to be taught in Pakistan. In his opinion the curriculum has to have a humanistic base; it must be pluralistic and must be honestly implemented.

Dr Farooq Bajwa, Lawyer and Policy Planner, with a deep interest in the promotion of Punjabi emphasized the need to introduce education at all levels, in particular the Primary level in the mother tongue of the student. He informed the audience that all evidence shows that students learn and comprehend best in the language that they are most familiar with, which is the Mother Tongue. He gave the example of Patiala University where all subjects were taught in Punjabi.

Ms Baela Jamil, the CEO of Idara-e-Taleem o Aagahi(ITA) mentioned the issue of curriculum which lies at the heart of any education program of a country. Dr Baela Jamil has extensive experience in education delivery and management. She emphasized that every child is an individual and the attempts to make all students into a uniform mold is not desirable and even harmful for the children. She said we have inherited confusion and continue to live that state.

Mr Waqas Halim an expert in technology of education delivery elaborated on how technology is making delivery of education easier and faster. He said he felt optimistic because of the avenues being opened up by technology.

The session was moderated by Dr Hasnain Javed, who made very pertinent remarks and comments.