Rafia.pk- A New Face of Fashion in the Market

No matter what the circumstances are, women are always left out of options when it comes to their clothes. Be if a formal gathering or a casual event, fashion related worries of women have always been there. Even though there are hundreds of fashion brands out there in the market, they fail to satisfy ladies a lot of times. Rafia.pk is a new face of fashion in the Pakistani market that promises to bring solutions for all your fashion related worries. Let’s dig deeper and get to know about this brand.

When Did Rafia Come into the Market and What has it Bought for You?

Well, it’s a pretty novice brand for ladies’ clothing in Pakistan. Despite the presence of several renowned names in the market, it jumped and worked side by side with them. It has only been a year since its launch, and it has already made a lot of satisfied customers. There are reasons why it has been successful in gaining the buyers’ contentment.

One of the most important ones is it brings exactly what women look for. The dresses by Rafia aren’t just trendy, but they are unique also. Unlike other stores, it doesn’t repeat designs and each article speaks its elegance. Moreover, it has all types of dresses you wish to buy. There are a few broad categories including Rafia Khas, formal wear, luxury prêt, casual wear, Eid collection 2020, abaya/gown, kids, trousers, and sale. In these categories, you will find dresses for all occasions, be it a fancy one for a formal setting or a casual for everyday wear.

How to Shop at Rafia?

Shopping at Rafia is free from all complexities. You simply have to shop here the way you buy online at the other stores. Choose a dress you wish to buy and add it to the cart after fulfilling the requirements such as size and quantity. Then, you can either proceed to checkout or continue shopping, whatever you wish! Once done with this process, you receive a confirmation call and message. Just confirm them verbally and wait for your ordered product to be delivered to your doorstep within four to five working days.

It allows you to use the customer-care services as the department is ready to assist you whenever you need it. Many questions come in mind when you have to shop online; therefore, you can always call and ask your queries and get satisfied before buying. If you are still unsatisfied with the delivered product, you can always use the return and exchange policy.

However, there are three conditions to do that! First, the mistake must be done by the store members and not you. And second, the product must be kept in the original condition. And the third and the last is, you’ should inform the customer care department on the same day you received it. If you don’t follow these three rules, then you won’t be able to use the return and exchange policy.