Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) The weekend is finally here and so is your chance of playing one of the most exciting games PUBG MOBILE has launched. Situated within a brand new map called Library lies the opportunity for PUBG MOBILE gamers to play Team Gun Game.

One of the most fascinating elements of this game is that it will only be available from Friday to Sunday, leaving us with even more anticipation for the weekend!

Here’s an overview of everything that’s in store for us:

A brand new map: The new Team Gun Game is available on the all-new Library map. It is based on a new concept in which two teams fight it out on a 4×4 square shaped map. As the first-ever indoor map in PUBG Mobile, Library has a symmetrical layout with three assault routes: left, right and center. From one-of-a-kind positions on platforms, in doorways or behind bookshelves offer competitors advantages for the opportunity to place themselves strategically, giving them a chance to get some remarkable kills even as they battle with weaker weapons as the game progresses.

Task at hand: The primary objective of Team Gun Game is for a player to secure 18 kills. However, the catch here is that with every kill a player gets, their weapon changes to test a variety of their skills and weaponry. The final weapon is a pan, and the first player to secure a kill using a pan get’s to roast his chicken for dinner!

No Gun selection: With each kill a player gets, the weapon changes instantly. Players will not get to choose their weapons. Each player has to go through the same chain of weapons as they kill other players with a total of 18 different weapons. Players will start off with basic SMG guns like the UMP45, Vector, Thompson or Uzi and progress into using an array of weapons, from sniper rifles to pistols and crossbows to the final pan. This game requires a mastery on all fronts.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Players must make sure they have practice and a basic expertise in using all kinds of weapons. In a classic game scenario, players may have never used a pistol or a crossbow due to the availability of more powerful weapons. Hence a basic understanding of how to use different weapons is essential
  • Since it is a fast paced game, players must find good spots to shoot from, which they are comfortable with as well as gives them a competitive advantage to spring upon opponents, for instance taking advantage of the secret passage or hiding behind bookshelves
  • While approaching areas which are being defended by more than 2 or 3 opponents like the platform, make sure your whole squad goes in together, to ensure you can provide each other with cover and avoid surprise attacks by opponents. Teammates can not only watch your back and quickly cover your flanks but working with teammates also eliminates the angles that the enemy can peek from behind cover.
  • Try staying behind cover and observe as the enemies approach and shoot them at a convenient angle. But remember to change cover, because once an enemy dies to you, they know where you are.

If this sounds exciting to you, make sure you make the most of Team Gun Game as soon as it gets activated, because remember it’s only here on weekends!