Philip Morris (Pakistan) Limited wins three GDEIB Awards

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Philip Morris (Pakistan) Limited (PMPKL), in recognition of its efforts for workplace diversity and inclusivity, has won the Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Benchmark (GDEIB) Awards in three categories of Advancement & Retention, Job Design, Classification & Compensation, and Work Life Integration, Flexibility & Benefits.

The awards were assessed on merit-based scores on a scale of 1-5 including Best Practice, Progressive, Proactive, Reactive, and Inactive with a mission to help organizations become sustainable through inclusive cultural and behavioural change.

PMPKL has undertaken multiple initiatives to incorporate inclusivity and diversity in the organization, some of which include; Women’s Inspirational Networks, SmartWork, power hours, full mental health coverage, health screening checkups, enhanced parental leaves, and, routinely communicating with employees through internal podcasts and emails to motivate to take time off from work and focus on their mental and physical health. Additionally, PMPKL launched the ‘MakeYourComeBack’ Program, a 3-month project, for women who took a break and wanted to return to the workforce.

PMPKL has also been taking part in yearly audits by the Equal Salary Certification (an independent not-for-profit organization) since 2019, achieving the ESC annually and becoming the first multinational company in Pakistan to have ever achieved the certification. Furthermore, PMPKL has been recognized as a Top Employer 2022 for its excellence in people practices which reflects the company’s employee-centric approach, strong commitment, and an agile mindset.

Mirela Spagovic, Director People and Culture at PMPKL, expressing her gratitude at the recognition of the company’s efforts by GDEIB, said, “At PMPKL, we see diversity as a strength and are committed to building an inclusive culture and workplace. Therefore, our focus is on creating an environment where our employees have an equal opportunity to participate, use their skills, share their ideas and perspectives, and feel valued. We are continuously working to ensure a supportive place to inspire and empower employees and to achieve equity in workplace.”