Peek Freans Gluco Launches ‘Gluco Juniors’ – Animal-shaped biscuits for Kids!

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Peek Freans Gluco, an energy-filled biscuit that is a favorite amongst mothers and children alike, has now launched an exciting new “Animal Kingdom” collection in the market. Introducing, Gluco Juniors, animal-shaped biscuits packed with nourishment for growing Juniors!

Gluco Juniors is made with wheat flour, fresh butter and milk for a delicious bite that children would love! As a brand, Gluco’s philosophy stems out of the belief that optimal childhood growth lies not only in wholesome nourishment but also in enabling children to learn through play as well.

This is why the new “Animal Kingdom” collection is developed for a younger consumer, preschoolers aged 3 to 6 years old, and is packed with the goodness of wheat, butter and milk. It also has the added boost of Calcium and Prebiotics to help grow strong bones and improve gut immunity. The added Calcium has been designed to meet 21% of our preschoolers’ Recommended Dietary Allowance for Calcium for every 100g of Gluco Juniors, all to ensure proper growth and nourishment for those important growing years!

The new “Animal Kingdom” collection has been launched in eight exciting animal shapes and is therefore perfect as finger food for young children. The exciting animal shapes allow parents to teach kids all about animals while they enjoy eating these delicious biscuits. Gluco Juniors has also been crafted with utmost care to ensure that children can enjoy it on its own, while dipping it in milk or having it as a cereal. All of this is to ensure children consume our biscuits in a way that is engaging for them and they can continue their journey of growing up with the right nutrition in their food.

Gluco Juniors has also launched a fun new TVC, that delivers the message that children learn best through play while receiving wholesome nourishment. The new “Animal Kingdom” collection is now available in markets around the country and the new TVC campaign has been launched on all relevant communication channels.