PBF launches national dialogue for revival of national economy

Lahore (Nut Desk)

The Pakistan Business Forum (PBF) has launched a national dialogue with economists, investors, industrialists, businessmen and intellectuals across the country to formulate a common strategy in view of the deteriorating economic situation in the country. This exercise is aimed at to formulate a comprehensive and workable policy in the light of the views of all concerned stakeholders, which is to lift the country out of its current economic quagmire and put it on the path to development and prosperity.

Muhammad Ejaz Tanveer, President of Pakistan Business Forum Lahore and Chairman of Retailer Pakistan, on the occasion of launching of the dialogue, said that this policy would be termed as “Meesaq e Muaeeshat” and the government would be urged to consider recommendations while formulating the official economic policy for effectively tackling the issues faced by the country. Ejaz said that we believe that fulfilling the dream of national economic sovereignty is the common responsibility of all of us and we must all work together to achieve this goal. Talking about the national dialogue titled “Let’s talk”, Mohammad Ejaz Tanveer added, “International agencies have defined the country’s current account deficit (CAD) in FY22 the forecast was $ 18.5 billion, more than 5% of GDP.” He added that “in the nine months from July to March, the trade deficit has exceeded .4 35.4 billion.”

In such circumstances, there is a need for economists, investors, industrialists, retailers, politicians, journalists and intellectuals across the country to hold a “national dialogue” on this important issue. In this way, let us formulate a coherent and solid policy that promotes national sovereignty as a whole, promote made in Pakistan and exports, so that the country can get back on its feet as soon as possible and ensure economic prosperity.