Participation of prominent lawyers and social personalities in the Young Leaders Conference

Justice Nasira Iqbal, Dr. Amjad Saqib, Birdit Lamm, Nisha Rao, Bilal Hasan and Zafeer Khan informed about the experiences.

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir)  YLC’ 2022 – the agenda of day 02 was “Reconstruct – Developmental Leadership” moderated by Umair Jaliawala as the day champ! After the participants were given the time to get ready and have breakfast, the second day started with a healthy exercise of meditation to encourage the participants to adopt a habit of morning meditation. This practice can be a life-altering experience in the most constructive way as it helps a person to be patient, be present and have control over their thoughts.

JusticeNasira Iqbal honored the segment on Developing Pakistan Justice. In this session, she addressed what a developing Pakistan looks like, and identified what areas we must focus on and what attitudes we must maintain.

Followed by an immensely focused Panel discussin on Breaking Stereotypes where notable speakers like Birgit Lamm, Nisha Rao, Bilal Hassan and Zafeer Khan enlightened us that we are often guilty of associating certain roles and responsibilities with a specific gender as a result of reinforcing gender-based stereotypes. This session taught participants that regardless of the sex they were born with, every person is equal, experiences the same things, and is equally capable.

Later, Dr Amjad Saqib conducted a session on How Developmental & Sustainable Ideas Are Born where he explained how individuals must be observant of their surroundings, learn to identify problems and be vigilant in finding a solution rather than waiting for someone else to come to the rescue, making the case that the most successful business ideas are the ones that fixed the problems and add value.

Then a tea break was conducted with one on one coaching and interactionin which our partners who joined us at the conference coached the Participants with their own experience followed by the segment moderatorsession on Unlearn Problems & Relearn Solutions – The Process to Design Developmental Ideas by Umair Jaliawala.

After the lunch sessions on Self-defense, Stress Management and First Aid Awareness were conducted by Amir J Khan, Munira Safdar in her session Developmental Drama talked about the significance ofdevelopmental drama skills and how one can express and advocate their goal for societal change in an effective way rather than just providing entertainment only.

Our Dilemmas – Hypocrisy, Double Standards, & Un-synced Behaviors were depicted by a powerful performance by ZAHRSSS to help us realizethe negative effect these practices have on our development as a society and understanding of self-responsibility in this matter.

After all this, Waqar Ali concluded the day with Extra corpsegment in which participants were blindfolded, few of them were hand tied and half’s legs were tied up, they were asked to have their dinner in this situation only. Through this session the participants realized the power of gratefulness and how one should always be thankful for all the blessings we are blessed with. There are people out there who are differently abled, there are people who can’t see, can’t listen, can’t walk properly and we are, crying over things that aren’t event relevant to live a life. This session made everyone realized how we should never judge anyone who are specially-abled.