Paperless and customer friendly – KE launches digital stamp on e-bills!

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir)

K-Electric has taken another innovative step towards moving to a paperless ecosystem, by introducing digital stamps for customer bills. This will allow customers to maintain digital proof of payment of KE bills, with the record accessible from KE Live App, Website, and WhatsApp Self Service Portal.

This step furthers KE’s environmentally friendly ‘Hara Qadam’ initiative and a vision to give customers a seamless and improved digitally connected experience. Paid bills for any month will display a green stamp on the top left corner indicating that all dues are cleared. In case a customer is clearing their dues in installments, a blue stamp will be shown on the top left corner indicating that current payments have been received. These stamps will be automatically updated on the bill within 24 hours of respective payments. Prior records of up to 6 months will be accessible from KE’s digital channels as well. Beside this, these digitally stamped bills will be acceptable by other stakeholder as well where the customer needs to show proof of payment for any financial transactions.

Elaborating on the initiative, Spokesperson KE and Director Communications Imran Rana stated, “We understand that conventionally, customers would keep stamped copies of their bills in files to maintain records. However, today, with over 1 million digitally connected subscribers, we are seeing the trend shift significantly and Alternate Delivery Channels account for an estimated 62% of our total payments. Our innovative step is a way to facilitate this transition, while also contributing positively towards the environment by encouraging paperless systems.”

Since privatization, KE has committed to use technology to improve customer service. Investments in the network are enabling the provision of safe, reliable, secure and uninterrupted power to a growing customer base across 7 geographies. The company also remains available to support customer queries 24/7 through its touch points including social media, KE Live App, WhatsApp Self Service Portal (03480000118), and call center 118.