Pakistan on the Global map of Performing Arts – Shoaib Iqbal elected for ASSITEJ International Executive Committee

Lahore (Qasim Ali) ASSITEJ International General Assembly, consisting of members from 72 countries has elected Shoaib Iqbal, president ASSITEJ Pakistan and founder of The Little Art as member of its Executive Committee for next 3-year term. The voting was conducted during 20th ASSITEJ World Congress 2021 happening in Tokyo and online.

ASSITEJ is the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People, uniting theatres, organizations and individuals who work in this area. It is dedicated to the artistic, cultural and educational rights of children and young people across the globe and advocates on behalf of all children.

“I look forward to represent South Asia and Asia on global stage, promote theater for children and young people in Pakistan and further the cause of theatre for young audiences (TYA) globally. I also strive to work for the rights of all children and young people to access theatre and performing arts and celebrate culture and self expression.” Shared by Shoaib Iqbal, who is conducting a theatre workshop in Quetta with local youth and young talent.

ASSITEJ was established in 1965 as an international alliance of professionals involved in theatre for children and young people. There are 72 national centers globally.

“We have a fabulous Executive Committee who will work so hard for the rights of all children and young people to access theatre and the performing arts, culture and self expression; especially in these times of crisis. I am very proud to be part of this huge, courageous ASSITEJ family.” President of ASSITEJ International, Sue Giles, Australia.

The following members of the Executive Committee (EC) 2021-2024 have been elected;

Sue Giles, President (Australia) | Bebê De Soares , Vice President (Chile) | Pamela Udoka, Vice President (Nigeria) | Seok-hong Kim, Vice President, (Korea) | Louis Valente Sørensen, General Secretary (Denmark) | Ernie Nolan, Treasurer (USA) |Julia Dina Heße (Germany) | Selloane Mokuku (South Africa) | Shoaib Iqbal (Pakistan) | Cristina Cazzola (Italy) | Tatiana Bobrova (Russia) | Yannick Boudeau (Belgium) | Minoovash Rahimian (Iran) | Emilie Robert (France) | Jon Dafydd-Kidd (UK).