OPPO A9: The Perfect Gaming Phone!

Phones are no longer just communication devices. The advancement in technology has transformed the humble mobile phone from a one-trick tool for communication into a catch-all platform whose functionality is constantly evolving.

Gaming entered the phone world with ‘Snake’ as Nokia 3310 hit the world mobile market in year 2000. Ever since, games on the phone have taken the world by storm. Looking at the current trend and how significant it is to the game lovers; it doesn’t appear to be a passing fad.

If you ever wanted a phone that gives you the ‘gaming high’ without burning a hole in your pocket, your wish has just turned true with the all new Oppo A9.

Here Why!


Affordability is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to investing in something like a phone. People want the best possible deal money could offer. Good news for the game lovers in Pakistan who do not want to compromise on the high-end specifications or their gaming but have a budget allocated for that. OPPO A9 is all set to be one of the top contenders in the affordable smartphone market.

Battery life:

The worst nightmare for a gamer would be to run out of battery in the middle of some serious gaming. This makes it the most important aspect for a gamer to consider when he or she is on the lookout for the right options. OPPO A9 is powered by 5000 mAh battery that delivers 19 hours of continuous mobile usage and uninterrupted gaming support. OPPO’s VOOC Flash Charge technology tops up the smartphone battery by up to 75% in just under 30 minutes. OPPO A9 can also handle reverse charging through OTG.

Hyper Boost:

The Hyper Boost mobile acceleration technology provides an improved system, gaming and other performances. The way Hyper Boost works is that it allows what it calls ‘real-time two-way dialogs’ for 50 different hardware and software scenarios between applications and the system resources feeding them. This bridging allows the system to quickly adjust output to support whatever the end user is doing making functioning smooth. On the gaming front, OPPO has been able to optimize Hyper Boost for ‘Honor of Games’ and ‘PUBG Mobile’ and is well-equipped to optimize top 100 mobile games.

Game Boost:

The Game Boost offers real-time gaming optimization. This means a smooth performance during battles, better control, low latency, high boost touch response, faster trigger speeds, minimal lags during gaming, seamless switching and unstoppable fun. Game Boost 2.0 technology offers improved Frame Boost and Touch Boost, which both provide a faster and more responsive mobile gaming experience. Touch Boost 2.0 assesses touch events and accelerates response time accordingly.

All these coupled with its shining and stunning design, superior 120 degrees wide angle 48 MP Quad and 16 MP Front Camera with superior Night Mode feature makes OPPO A9 a ‘must have’ on your list