Now Any Day Can Be Payday

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir) Fiscus Private Limited is helping employees and employers across the country with its innovative, cloud-based service, FlexPay, making paydays flexible to cash flow needs. The company has signed a 7-year franchise agreement worth 500 million Rupees to collaborate with Marshfin Group to revolutionize the processing & payment of employee salaries. 

Employers who sign up for FlexPay allow their employees to withdraw their earned salary at any point during the pay cycle for a small fee. On payday, the employee is paid the remainder of their salary and the withdrawn amount is repaid by the employer to Fiscus. This allows employees to access their earned cash for any unforeseen situations like medical needs, unusual utility bills, family needs, etc. without difficulties or any exorbitant charges. The biggest advantages to an employee are the single working day turnaround time and no paperwork or other formalities – if a request is made via SMS or the App on a working day, disbursement is completed the same day.

A signing ceremony was held to commemorate the agreement and graced by the top leadership of both partnering enterprises, including Mr. Anwar Lutfullah, Director Fiscus and Mr. Fareed Zafar, CEO Marshfin, along with co-founder of Fiscus, Mr. Feras Lutfullah, and the Head of Corporate Business at Marshfin, Mr. Umair Baig.

Mr. Anwar Lutfullah voiced his delight on this valuable collaboration between the two resourceful organizations: “We would like to express our gratitude to Marshfin for choosing the FlexPay solution. It is gratifying to see that our secure and powerful technology is being harnessed by highly progressive and successful financial institutions to further enrich their quality services.”

Mr. Fareed Zafar stated: “I am thankful to Fiscus for providing us the most innovative solutions. I hope this collaboration between our enterprises brings great advantages to both the organizations, while elevating the standards of services delivered to the customers of Marshfin. I have complete confidence in the quality of services and technological innovation offered by Fiscus and as we look forward to a long and productive professional relationship with this sophisticated technology enterprise.”