(NUT Interview) Mr. Najam Mazari expressed his views that  Diseases that were never heard of are proving to be deadly and today man is being treated with the same drugs that are proving to be poisonous unfortunate  we are drifting away from nature and its blessings, as a result human diseases are flaring up day by day..

If I mention only honey, it is said clearly in Qur’an that Allah Almighty has left such an effect in honey that its use can cure all your diseases. We are running around with the disease, but we do not use honey, which contains power of curing all diseases.

Distancing ourselves from the blessings of God Almighty and being a weak believer, we have stopped using herbal medicines which contain all the natural remedies.

during discussion he also claimed  that all the diseases that are flourishing inside a person’s body are only because artificial foods are being eaten nowadays which is the root cause of our ill health. Even after this, soon we will be able to bring herbal medicines, powders and natural supplements that are made without chemicals. Experiments with medicine made from natural herbs have shown that they have a very cool effect to eliminate the diseases.

Young Najam Mazari belongs to Balochistan. He could have led life in another direction, but he absorbed the spirit of human service and devoted his services for the suffering humanity. Today he is stepping above, not only in Pakistan but also in the international world.

This institution came into being under the name of Chiltan eight years ago and in a very short period of time it is rising with its great identity. This amazing platform not only produced medicines from natural herbs but also hair loss oil, natural supplements with eight types of honey, especially in powder form are now available in dry fruit for the first time.

Chiltan manufactures has a variety of Aloe Vera products without chemical in the presence of hardworking and experienced staff in modern laboratories.

We asked Najam Mazari if he has claimed to cure any disease with real herbs as compared to the modern medical age where there is a cure for every disease, tell us about when Chiltan was established and how successful it is in eight years?

Let me answer your point in this way that, the medical science of the world is very modern and its state of modernity is such that only one disease which Covid-19, killed uncountable people while millions of people were descending into the valley of death every day. Where was the medical science at that time? Covid-19 killed modern medicine on its own. When the world was dying, not a single medicine could save humanity from a ruthless death, so let’s admit that the cure in natural herbs cannot be found in any other science.

As far as your question is concerned, eight years ago today, in the name of “Chiltan”, I started to serve the suffering humanity. Raised the fleet and today, thank God, we are sending our herbal medicines not only in Pakistan but all over the world.

How many medicines have you prepared?

Till now we have prepared 200 other items along with honey. To make our work unique, we also started mixing chocolate in jaggery so that people could find something new. Most of these things cannot be found in the city but in the pure environment of the countryside. All of Chiltan’s products are chemical free and most of them are indigenous and pure. It is preferred by those people who need pure things and have an idea about incredible benefits of organic products.

How do you prepare oil?

The quality of the oil extracted according to the indigenous method is often weakened and it does more harm than good. Najam Mazari says, that according to our method of extracting oil the quality and quantity of oil is maintained. We have our own labs and pharmacists in which they do research and work hard to provide quality products.

Najam Mazari further said that in my opinion, when the product of any company reach to quality standard, then the business can be promote by running a little advertising campaign. Our principle is that we focus on quality more than marketing and that is why our sales are higher.

Our customers like to stay in touch with us on Instagram more than on Facebook.

Where do you get these herbs from?

We used to take goods from farmers through a third party but now we got in touch with orchard owners directly and we get our required material directly which is turned out to be great advantage because the prices of our products have come down and the customers benefited greatly.

Apart from these, northern areas like Skardu, Gilgit and Chitral are the best areas for organic herbs. There are some areas in Balochistan where saffron is more abundant and different herbs are also found there.