National Heritage and Tourism Workshop commenced at Lahore Fort

A collaborative effort to restore heritage sites and promote tourism of those heritage sites on behalf of Walled City Authority Lahore (WCLA) and the Institute for Art and Culture IAC) was taken on November 27th, 2020. The conference was held at Lahore fort, Royal Kitchens. It was joined by profound Scholars, Academicians and Architects to discuss the scope and future of conserving heritage sites in Pakistan. 
The event began with an introduction to the National Heritage and Tourism Conference, 2020 and its prime purpose. The orientation began with a speech by Prof. Sajida Haider Vandal (Vice-Chancellor, IAC) on the importance of conserving heritage sites and building an ecosystem which is sustainable for tourism and tangible cultural heritage. 
Mr. Omar (Assistant Professor, Head of Creative Partnership Development, IAC) spoke about the importance of the conference and why is the conservation of national heritage sites, important to the economy and sustainability of the communities that live near them. Questions and answer session was conducted that focused on them themes of sustainable tourism and cultural heritage.
The event was followed by dinner hosted by IAC. The Conference will take place till Sunday, 29th November at Lahore Fort, Royal Kitchen.