Importers should be allowed to clear stranded containers by buying dollars from the open market: Ijaz Tanveer

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry Standing Committee on FMCG has demanded the government to clear the containers stuck at Ports by allowing the importers to purchase dollars from the open market. The committee also demanded the government to give a ten-year integrated plan for import substitution. The government should chalk out a stable and strong economic policy and the economy should be separated from politics. Containers stuck at ports should be transferred to customs and other warehouses so that billions of dollars are not lost in terms of demurrages, Pakistan FMCG sector leaders demand from the government. The importers made these demands during an important meeting of the standing committee of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry for FMCG sector, which was chaired by the president of the committee and executive member of the chamber Muhammad Ijaz Tanveer. Senior leader FMCG sector Sheikh Khalid Mahmood and Waqas Arshad also spoke in the meeting. On this occasion, officials and members of Pakistan FMCG sector, Ehsanullah Khan, Azhar Amin, Basharat Ali. Tanveer Rizvi. Mohsin Hameed. Muhammad Aoun. Muhammad Abdullah. Ali Tariq Apart from Muhammad Iqbal, a large number of people belonging to the relevant sector were present in the ceremony. The participants of the meeting discussed the current poor economic conditions and the problems of the FMCG sector and demanded the government to solve these problems as soon as possible. On the occasion of the ceremony, Pakistan FMCG Sector President and VEC Member Lahore Chamber Muhammad Ijaz Tanveer said that despite repeated assurances, the government is not taking any practical steps to solve the problems due to which the situation of uncertainty is increasing. Is. They are trying to convince the government that a permanent economic system should be established by separating the economy from politics so that an industrial and commercial revolution can take place in Pakistan. On this occasion, the leader of Pakistan FMCG sector, Sheikh Khalid Meraj. Waqas Arshad. Other officials including Ehsanullah Khan also addressed.