Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) The micro-finance programme, in collaboration with Akhuwat, will provide support to the small businesses which are impacted by the ongoing pandemic and its aftermaths.

Karachi:  METRO Pakistan is all set to launch“Madadgar”, a support initiative, in collaboration with Akhuwat Foundation. Madadgar is an effort to provide moral and financial support to the hardworking people who have lost their business during the current pandemic, lost their job and have no capital to start all over again to earn income and to feed themselves and their families.

As per the initiative,at first 50 micro business owners will be supported by providing them with interest free capital. Further on, the recollected money from them will again be utilised further, as capital for more needy micro business owners in the coming years,so the capital investment will be kept in circulation to facilitate more families to alleviate extreme poverty.

METRO Pakistan has been at the forefront to provide all possible assistance to the fellow countrymen during these difficult times, and has initiated many support programmes, from providing PPE suits to the PDMA, and to provide food hampers to the medical professionals in multiple cities. Akhuwat is the world’s largest Islamic micro-finance organization. Since 2001, Akhuwat has been working for poverty alleviation by empowering socially and economically marginalized segments of the society through its various poverty alleviation projects.