Meritech: World’s First Automated Hand Wash System Introduced in Pakistan

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Malson Group today, introduced Meritech in Pakistan which is the world’s first and only fully automated hand washing system which is clinically approved by more than 50 studies along with FDA and ASF International, exceeding the hygiene standards defined by CDC.

The new CLEANTECH by Meritech is ADA compliant and provides the world’s only technology-based approach to automated hand hygiene by removing 99.98% of dangerous pathogens within a single 12-second wash cycle. The system is very similar to that of car washes, but adapted to human needs.

The Vice Chancellor of University of Health Sciences, Professor Javed Akram graced the launch with his presence. Addressing the media, Dr Javed Akram said, “It is a very convenient, efficient, energy and water saving procedure. This would also help the human resource feel protected when they enter their office premises and help organizations maintain their Employee Health and Safety Standards in an economical way.”

While speaking to the media, Managing Director of Malson Group, Mr Usman Malik said, “We, at Malson Group want to redefine the hygiene standards for Pakistan and make people invest in their health because prevention is better than cure.”

Malson group has been playing a pivotal role in the past 3 years in creating awareness regarding hygiene and significance of a healthier atmosphere by working with 3M, and pioneering its Filtrete Air Purifiers and other air purifying solutions. This state of the art automated hand washing system is indeed a step towards a cleaner and adroit future.