Meera expressed her LOVE for Resham in latest Video.

Lahore (NUT-DESK)

Veteran stars Meera and Resham are reminiscing golden days from the past. The Lollywood actresses were spotted together dolled up for a shoot where Meera took time off to create a special video with counterpart Resham.

“We are working together after such a long time, it feels like we’ve traveled back in time,’ began Meera in her clip.

She continued, “We share so much love towards one another and let me tell you, I love Resham more than she loves me,” Meera confessed before laughing.

Responding to the Baaji star’s comments, Resham said: “I respect Meera a lot and I pray for you.”

The duo then briefly recalled their trip to Turkey back in the day where Meera used to cook for Resham. Have a look on here below.