Marriage before graduation is a good idea – Please tell my Ammi

My life would have been so much better if I was not single.
For me, and for so many other young guys of my age, Covid-19 is just another reminder that we’re very lonely…
While married couples are having all the romance, the single guys are spending their time watching Ertuğrul – yes the same drama which previously had gone unnoticed some six years ago when a Pakistani TV channel had aired it on TV – but now boys have so much time that we’re ready to consume anything and everything!!!
Our parents shouldn’t be okay seeing their kids spending hours playing PUBG (which has now also been banned) or making TikTok videos dancing on ‘laal chunaryaa wali koi ghar mery bhi lao’…
We need a special person in our lives – to share good times, be positive in life, and remain motivated!
So I went to my Ammi and begged “meri shadi karwa dain…”
But her reply was “pehlay graduation to karlo, apne peron pe khare hojao!”
This is so wrong…
First of all, we’re taught that education is not to earn money but to become a good human being. But then why do our parents insist on us completing our degrees and getting high paying jobs – or in other words they want us to ruin nearly best years of our adolescence and miss out on the best ‘halal’ moments!
Seeing all the bored guys campaigning on Twitter for things like ‘Justice for Chutki’ and ‘Ban online classes’, I want you to help me in convincing my Ammi – or in fact all the mothers and mothers-in-law all around the world, by trending #MaanJaoAmmi.
For those who don’t agree with me, I’ve listed down top 5 reasons why we should all marry before graduation!
1. Zindagi se stress bhagao!
Why all the married couples are so stressed these days? The answer is simple. People usually marry when they’re settled in their careers and already start to spend very long, busy days at work. Even if they want to spend more time with their spouses, they simply can’t. Who would risk a career for a romantic dinner?
So the best years or the honeymoon period is spent without much fun and games. After a year, they become parents and have even lesser time to spend together on things like counting stars or catching fireflies.
So sad, no? But what if we marry after 18? We’re full of energy and want to do crazy things in life. Most importantly we have a lot of time on our hands. You can build such great memories and become inseparable. Especially those who like me are ACCA students. Because we don’t even have to spend the whole day on campus – why can’t we have all our stress relieved by having someone special? – And yes we know family planning 😉
2. Success comes early!
Marriage makes you much more responsible! So by marrying early you are more focused on your studies and building a rewarding career. Your spouse will keep you motivated. And again for people like me who’re doing ACCA – we start on-job training even before we complete all 13 exams. So it becomes a matter of urgency for people like us to get married the time we start our studies, because compared to traditional degree programs, professional qualifications take less time to complete so we have less years to spend romancing with our spouses.
3. No heart ache!
Biggest lesson I’d learnt from Salman Khan’s Tere Naam was not to get involved in an affair and spend rest of the life like Radhe Mohan! By having a wife/husband, you will not have a reason to get involved in such a risky business which can result in serious heart ache!
Dil ka muamla hai doston! 
4. Keep Gold Diggers away!
Some girls or boys marry a successful person just because they have built successful careers and are doing great in life. So by marrying young you are far more likely to find a person who genuinely loves you and is not a gold digger! You two can grow together and learn to enjoy the ups and downs of life.
5. Make Tariq Jamil happy
Moulana Tariq Jamil is seriously sad seeing the increased Vulgarity (Fuhashi) in our beloved country. By marrying young, your infatuations for haram pleasures are greatly subdued. So you live a halal life and the only other women you think about (in case of men) are the Hoors you hear about from Moulana Sahib 
I know there are so many other great reasons but I will not waste your time telling you what you already know. So please if you can join me and start trending #MaanJaoAmmi.
Let’s tell our parents that we’re not okay with spending lockdowns living alone.
We need love!

Author name: Muhammad Sehaan RK

About me: An accountancy (ACCA) student who believes in ‘Halal’ Epicureanism in a world where no one can tolerate people having fun!