Lollywood’s new musical rom-com film “Rang Ishq-e- Da” postponed, new release date will be announced soon.

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir)

Producers shuffled the release due to reduction in operational hours for cinemas by the government. Lollywood’s new musical romantic comedy offering “Rang Ishq-e-Da”, who have created lot of positive buzz and was set to release on coming friday but the producers have changed the decision and finalizing a new date for exhibition in cinemas. Written and directed by Lollywood veteran Parvez Kaleem, is revolves around an interesting story with fresh star cast including Ali Abbas Syed, Amna Rahi and Zaria Khan, while Lollywood ‘s senior artists Madiha Shah, Nagmah Begum and comedian Iftikhar Thakur are also appearing in pivotal roles. The new release date will be announced soon. According to the film’s production team, the release of “Rang Ishqe Da” has been postpond due to the government’s new directive regarding operational hours for cinemas, as the decision to close cinemas after 8 pm is not suitable for the film business at all. Earlier “Rang Ishq-e-Da” was scheduled to be release on December 23 from the platform of Distribution Club, while it will be screened in cinemas in other countries including Canada, UK and Australia besides Pakistan also. Distribution Club Executive Director Sheikh Abid said. “Rang Ishq-e- Da” is a quality family film with a fresh star cast which will be released soon in theaters across the country as per the decision of the producers.