Likee takes family entertainment to the next level

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Likee, a leading global short video platform with headquarters in Singapore, is quickly becoming the platform of choice for users of all ages across Pakistan to identify new trends in humour, style, fashion, music, skincare and much more. Broadcasters from a variety of demographics are constantly researching what’s new in online entertainment for the whole family and are quickly creating content that is meant for everyone. Its regionally relevant and inclusive style of entertainment has rapidly made Likee one of the most downloaded apps across Pakistan.

Likee has wasted no time in its short journey to the top of the list of short-video platforms world-wide, because it has been designed for everyone in the family to consume their favourite kind of entertainment. The application frequently invites its broadcasters from all walks of life in Pakistan to take part in video challenges designed to encourage participation from the entire family, such as cooking and health. By using hashtags like #HomeSkillsChallenge and #CookingSkills, broadcasters can share with the Likee community their expression of creativity at home with the family. Just these two hashtags alone have garnered a growing collection of more than 28K videos, which are viewed more than 200 million times by users who are keen on family entertainment content.  .

The cooking, beauty, and home skills categories have become an instant success with a wide range of audiences, as they feature content that is made by families, for families. When it comes to offering quality entertainment to people of all ages, it becomes an important responsibility for Likee to ensure people of all ages feel welcome to actively participate with their own creative efforts. The friendly online community has gradually transformed itself into a safe space that encourages users to keep challenging themselves and become better versions of themselves.

Through its above-mentioned hashtag challenges, Likee encourages users to show off their cooking skills in creative ways while also offering their audiences tips, tricks and everyday life hacks too. Broadcasters have showcased the cooking and home skills that they acquired during lockdowns together with their families, through creatively structured and useful short videos. Whether it’s making a Nutella ice cream or simply learning how to change a bulb, Likee’s family entertainment offers something for everyone and is already on its way to becoming the family entertainment application of choice for Pakistani broadcasters.

“Likee is offering Pakistan’s broadcasting enthusiasts the perfect opportunity to become a part of a growing and diverse community of like-minded, welcoming creators,” said a spokesperson from Likee. “When it comes to bringing focused enjoyment to people of all ages, Likee is increasingly becoming the short video platform of choice across the country. Its content continues to resonate with Pakistani families and that is the reason why it is being adopted as the primary choice for both broadcasters and consumers alike.”

Likee has been gaining in popularity across Pakistan and is quickly becoming the preferred platform of choice to create and share short video content.

Likee is available to download for free from the following link: