LADIESFUND International Women’s Day Greetings

Dawood Global Foundation and Scentsation partnered to hold a LADIESFUND International Women’s Day with the theme “Feeling beautiful leads to mental health and joy… Let’s overcome fears and stress together.” Dynamic women across the city were invited to experience pampering, exclusive tours, special discounts and surprise presents. Leading make-up guru Nighat Misbah spoke about how feeling beautiful can transform your energy and mental health. Transgender lawyer Nisha Rao shared how make up and beauty have not only helped cover her tears but given her strength to face an often harsh world. The event further encouraged women to collaborate, network and “buy local” products to promote the economy and in particular women entrepreneur brands, to support one another during these COVID-19 times. The gathering facilitated masks and SOPS to safely bring women together to support one another through sales, and build and cultivate relationships in ways that can benefit all parties.

“Every year we recognize and honour the best of talent among Pakistani women, and our known for our LADIESFUND Women’s Awards for Pakistan, including this past year when we honoured female front-line workers who have risked their lives to save the lives of others during COVID-19,” stated LADIESFUND President Tara Uzra Dawood, “but this International Women’s Day, we wanted the focus to be on collaboration not competition, on self-care rather than spotlights, and pamper women – many of whom were suffering this past year from mental health issues due to lockdown – instead focusing on a few.” “We are introducing a Scentsation women’s card to make our top products affordable for more women and to celebrate our women customers,” stated Scentsation CEO Mohsin Feroze, “and naturally we thought to partner with LADIESFUND for this as there are so many dynamic, successful women under their network as well as many who are being mentored and trained by them.” The happy occasion featured many delighted, relaxed faces, and a joy rarely seen in these pandemic times.

Scentsation gifted each guest with its brand new Woman’s Card, Swag bag, and a one day only 20% off on anything and everything in the store, just for LADIESFUND members and special guests. International Women’s Day is not just a day to celebrate but to be celebrated. Depilex was Beauty Partner and LADIESFUND welcomed members of ABFP forum by Afshan Rashid. Spotted at the event were Anisa Faruqui, Lubna Lakhani, Nazneen Tariq Khan, Nazli Abid, Ruby Noorani, Nilofer Yousuf, Afifa Abid, among others.